Green Initiatives

The Music Hall is committed to a healthy planet for future generations. We take a broad view of sustainability – incorporating our philosophy into day to day practices, renovations, programming, our business model, and the context for The Music Hall – the city of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. We believe our sustainability actions will create a stronger organization and region. It is our intention to model leadership in sustainability through wise management and enlightened stewardship.

Green Renovation
  • The Loft: We recycled an old building, incorporating state of the art energy efficient HVAC, doors and windows.
  • The Hall: We are preserving an older building - making it as ‘green’ as possible within the building’s antique footprint - with high efficiency boilers, energy recovery systems, and state-of-the-art LED lighting, vestibules for temperature control; low flow commercial toilets and no flow urinals. Future rehabilitation of the building(s) will keep to this model as we maintain our historic status.

Green Programming
  • Wildcard Movie: The Next Industrial Revolution (doc) with post-film discussion with Gary Hirshberg
  • Wildcard Movie: An Inconvenient Truth, with eco-fair and post-film discussion
  • Wildcard Movie: Fast Food Nation: Susan Tuveson and X Mallet (chef)
  • Wildcard Movie: No Impact Man with local sustainability resource panel discussion and Q&A.
  • Wildcard Movie: Food Inc. with Slow Food/ Local Food resource panel discussion and Q&A.

Sustainable Cultural Community

The Music Hall is committed to a sustainable community – providing a place to gather, present/hear different points of view, thus preserving civil discourse.

Green Practices
  • Recycling: Our recycling program has grown this year, including: Paper / Cardboard / Plastic / Aluminum / scrap metal / Steel / Building materials / Incandescent, Halogen and CFL recovery / Safe storage and disposal of hazardous wastes like paint and solvents.
  • We offer a alternative water source for people who do not wish to purchase a bottle of water
  • We recycle paper for Campaign Brochure

Sustainable Business Model

The opening of the Loft made the business of The Music Hall more sustainable, providing certainty (ownership) around the availability of office and educational space, a new diversity of revenue streams, and maximum operational efficiency/effectiveness for The Music Hall to meet its mission in the community. Loft programming works in concert with the larger historic theater, taking pressure off the historic theater by presenting high quality programs and films that draw smaller audiences.

Sustainable Portsmouth

Portsmouth is a vibrant, coastal New England city that honors its colorful maritime and mercantile past and is passionately engaged in shaping its future. Its working seaport, unique locally owned shops and restaurants, and world-class arts and culture appeal to visitors year-round.  The whole-life, healthy environment of this walkable regional capital provides the catalyst for residents and visitors to enjoy a unique urban experience within a sustainable and progressive business environment.

The Music Hall works in concert with the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce on its Destination Portsmouth efforts - working to protect and enhance this distinctive place through wisely managed tourism and enlightened destination stewardship of the environment, culture, aesthetics, heritage and the well being of its residents.

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