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Wednesday, April 4

Two books that could change your business!

The Music Hall’s Writers in the Loft series Welcomes Two Award-winning Authors with Keen Insight into Business Trends

Each Point to Paradigm Shifts in Business

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and author meet-and-greet/signing
Portsmouth, New Hampshire Today’s changing business world and how we operate in it are key topics in two upcoming provocative Writers in the Loft events at The Music Hall. On Thursday, April 12, 2012, acclaimed business journalist James B. Stewart, author of Tangled Webs, will discuss truth in business – and how we’re gripped today by a “perjury epidemic.” Weeks later, on Tuesday, May 1, 2012 Susan Cain, author of Quiet, will share her research on how introverts have been undervalued in the business world and the important role they play in creativity and innovation. Both events begin at 7pm and will be held at the Music Hall Loft located on 131 Congress Street, Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

“We are thrilled our audiences will hear from these two esteemed authors presenting observations and perspectives on the paradigm shifts occurring in the business landscape,” said Margaret Talcott, Associate Producer, Writers in the Loft and Writers on a New England Stage for The Music Hall, “I encourage anyone who is employed or has employees – anyone looking for success in business – to listen to what these two authors have to say. What they see and the trends they are pointing to are fascinating.  Each of these books could change the way we do business - not only at work but in our personal lives.”


Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 7pm, The Music Hall Loft
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A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and former Page One editor at the Wall Street Journal, Stewart will present his latest work, Tangled Webs: How False Statements are Undermining America: From Martha Stewart to Bernie Madoff. Tangled Webs is a sobering look at a growing and dangerous trend that threatens not only our judicial system, but is already affecting the worlds of academia, business, medicine, and government. Stewart will be joined by special interviewer, Michael Lynch a philosopher and author of four books on truth. The two intellects will be taking a look at the social, moral, and political consequences of the perjury epidemic and the growing trend of lying in the business world.

Lessons learned from the cautionary tales in Tangled Webs and Lynch’s book In Praise of Reason:

  • Influential, wealthy individuals seem to be lying for mostly two reasons: greed, and they believe themselves to be above the law (at the very least they think surely, they’ll be able to get away with it).
  • Truth telling is one of the essential cords that binds together a coherent society – perjury delays justice.
  • Sacrificing the truth for short term gains damages society and therefore individuals’ interests in the long run.
  • Integrity is not just a moral value; it is a practical, democratic value.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012, 7pm, The Music Hall Loft
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A self-proclaimed introvert, Susan Cain challenges what she calls the “Extrovert Ideal” in Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.  A former Wall Street lawyer, Cain has captured the attention of critics, business and opinion leaders, and introverts and extroverts worldwide with her sudden bestseller which discusses the advantages of being an introvert and its effect on personal and professional lives. In her book, Cain questions the dominant values of American business culture and offers practical advice about everything from networking to negotiation and communication skills. Passionately argued, impressively researched, and filled with indelible stories of real people, Quiet shows how dramatically we undervalue introverts, and how much we lose in doing so.

What Quiet says about today’s business world:

  • Cain names and then challenges the “New Groupthink,” the trend toward excessive teamwork and open office plans, showing how these work plans and environments are less hospitable to introverts.   “A recent survey found that 91% of high level managers believe that teams are the key to success.” How can that be when so many good ideas come from quiet, solitary thought? 
  • About private offices vs. shared workspaces and cubicles, Cain discusses each human’s need to private space, pointing to the importance of private offices and personal space, “It’s the room of one’s own…Your photographs are on the wall. It’s the same reason we have houses. These are emotional safety zones.”
  • In a chapter titled “When Collaboration Kills Creativity,” She studies the role of the Internet in creating the new business world.  “On the Internet wondrous creations were produced via shared brainpower…collaboration has become a sacred concept – the key multiplier of success.” But is it?
  • In chapters titled “The Rise of the Mighty Likeable Fellow,” “The Myth of Charismatic Leadership,” Why Did Wall Street Crash and Warren Buffett Prosper,” she looks at the new “extrovert ideal” and other trends gripping business attitudes today. 

Tickets for the 7pm, Thursday, April 12 event with James B. Stewart and Michael Lynch are $31 and include a copy of the paperback book Tangled Webs ($17).  Tickets for the 7pm Tuesday, May 1 Cain event are $40 and include a copy of the hardcover book Quiet  ($26).  Purchase through The Music Hall Box Office, located at 28 Chestnut Street, Portsmouth, over the phone at 603-436-2400 or online at www.themusichall.org. Packages can also be purchased on the night of the event, if available, at The Music Hall Loft Box office at 131 Congress Street, beginning at 6:00 pm for the 7:00 pm event. 
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