About Portsmouth

Market Square :: (c) Philip Case Cohen, The Daily Portsmouth

Settled in 1623, Portsmouth is a vibrant, coastal New England city that honors its colorful maritime and mercantile past and is passionately engaged in shaping its future. This walkable regional capital provides residents and visitors with a unique urban experience: a working seaport, unique locally owned shops and restaurants, and world-class arts and culture.  The geographic location, history and cultural strength of Portsmouth regularly lands it on various “best places to live” lists. Prevention Magazine named Portsmouth one of the top 100 walking cities in the America, while the National Trust for Historic Preservation named Portsmouth to its list of America’s Dozen Distinctive Destinations , calling the city “one of the most culturally rich destinations in the country” with a stimulating mix of historic buildings, sidewalk cafes, great restaurants, art galleries, jazz clubs and distinctive artisans’ boutiques.” Forbes Traveler listed Portsmouth as one of America’s Prettiest Towns.

“One of America’s Prettiest Towns” – ForbesTraveler.com

“Delicious Destination” – NECN’s TV Diner

“Top 20 Towns in America,” – Outside Magazine

“New Hampshire’s #1 Best Walking City” – Prevention Magazine

“Dozen Distinctive Destinations” – National Trust for Historic Preservation

“Top 10 Best Places to Live” – Money Magazine

“...settled in 1623…the city’s aswarm with…indie bookstores, nice restaurants, brewpubs, galleries, and film festivals…  Hotels have sprouted up on the waterfront. This is one of the boutique cities of America, and it’s blossoming right now…a walkable city with distinct character.”
– National Geographic Traveler

“Portsmouth is a significant stopover in New Hampshire. This quaint yet up-to-date city has something for everyone.” – The Montrealer

“This surprising little city of contrasts: touristy and local, cultured and blue collar, historically preserved and scrappy.” – New York Times

“you are a charming little must.”- Chicago Tribune

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