Treasure the Future Campaign Projects

Founders Lobby Lounge :: (c) Dan Gair, Blind Dog Photo

We’ve accomplished so much in the past five years – from the proscenium arch to the Founder’s Lobby and the Loft—but there is still more to come in the Treasure the Future campaign. Opened in April 2011, The Loft, the Center for Performing Arts, Literature, and Education, is a cornerstone project which is delighting patrons and students of all ages. In addition to re-invigorating a key block in downtown Portsmouth, The Loft celebrated its one-year anniversary by being named “best performing arts venue”  by Yankee Magazine (May/June 2012).

In the next phases of the capital campaign, we return to work in the Historic Theater, to the many sorely needed in that space, including:

  • The essential updating and modernization of backstage systems. There are shows we simply can’t accommodate using our 1901 technology. We need to secure The Music Hall’s performance capability, efficiency and safety.
  • The restoration of historic finishes throughout the theater. We’re nearly there! For the sake of history and consistency, the upper lobby deserves to be restored. The “trash can lid” chandelier in the theater must be retired and replaced.

Please help us take The Music Hall to the next level and ensure its contribution to the vibrancy of our community.

(603) 436-2400
24-hour Film Line:
(603) 436-9900
Business Office:
(603) 433-3100