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Show & Tell: The Wife

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It’s the sweetest time of the year Community

It’s the sweetest time of the year

It’s that time of year again, it’s time for me to pull out my baking pans, remember how to use my oven, and start building my Gingerbread House. For those of you who know me personally, or have been following this blog for awhile, you know that I take this competition very seriously, I’m even a member of the committee that runs the competition. I’ve built a first draft of my model, I’ve reached out to expert bakers for tips and tricks (and I want to send a very big THANK YOU to Popovers on the Square for ALLLLLLL of their help!), and roped in some coworkers. Read More Read More
Bid early, often, and to win Specials

Bid early, often, and to win

….Are you ready for it? Our annual Bidding for Good Auction opens up on Sunday at 9:00a and it’s packed full of AMAZING items, over 200 of them to be exact. After talking to some of you, my loyal readers, I learned that you aren’t super familiar with how to bid. Today, I thought I’d take some time and give you some tips and tricks to help you navigate the auction and hopefully win your favorite items. Read More Read More
We won’t back down Community

We won’t back down

I’ll admit, today’s blog was supposed to be much different than the one you are about to read, while that blog is set and will make an appearance next week, today I wanted to touch on the tragic events of Monday. Read More Read More
A Season in review: 2015-2016 Uncategorized

A Season in review: 2015-2016

Every time I tell someone that I work at The Music Hall, they ask me what my favorite thing that I’ve seen at the theater. I always respond that it’s hard to pick because each one is a favorite for a different reason. Today, as we end the season, I thought I would share some favorite memories from this past season. Read More Read More

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