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Show & Tell: The Wife

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Don’t miss Zach Williams of the Lone Bellow Solo at the Loft Uncategorized

Don’t miss Zach Williams of the Lone Bellow Solo at the Loft

Usually, when I talk about the Loft, I use the word discovery. I talk about about how you get the chance to see an artist up close and personal before they move on the play large venues or even the Historic Theater and before their music is all over the radio. I relate it to getting in on the ground floor, to knowing something special before anyone else all right here in downtown Portsmouth. Lately, however, I’ve noticed that the acts that we’re getting are pretty well known artists with established fan bases like Dakhabrakha, Alejandro Escovedo, and coming on Tuesday Zach Williams of the Lone Bellow. Read More Read More
Weisberger serves up the perfect summer read Uncategorized

Weisberger serves up the perfect summer read

Every month, I read Vogue Magazine cover to cover. I curl up with each issues and a quad shot soy latte, I put my iPhone on do not disturb, it’s become one of my traditions. I’ve been doing this for as long as I can remember, replacing my hot chocolate with a latte as I got older. I’ve been fascinated by the people who create it month after month, issue after issue and when the Devil Wears Prada burst on to every best seller list I promptly bought a copy and curled up with it and my quad soy latte. Read More Read More
Life Backstage: Mokoomba Community

Life Backstage: Mokoomba

In our second installment of Life Backstage we sat down with Mokoomba, who hail from Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Their sound is vibrant and distinct, combining traditional Tonga and pan-African music cultures with dashes of Rap, Ska, Soukous, and Afro-Cuban music. They appeared as part of our Live @ the Loft series. Our Deputy Director of Programming, Thérèse LaGamma caught up with them just before their show.       Read More Read More
Let’s Do Something About Poverty, Together Community

Let’s Do Something About Poverty, Together

Sitting in a coffee shop in Portsmouth earlier this week I was discussing our upcoming Let’s Talk About Poverty event with the panelists, Beth Mattingly Director of Research on Vulnerable Families at The University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) Carsey School of Public Policy, Kristy Martino, from, Deborah Anthony, Executive Director of Seacoast Family Food Pantry, and Craig Welch, Executive Director of the Portsmouth Housing Authority. The topics: what each of these four panelists would be presenting; how the event was going to work; how we were going to talk about what can seem like an overwhelming problem, and how we can take action. We talked for over an hour and a half about everything from causes to challenges, from simple fixes to systemic problems. Read More Read More
The Peter Squires Band Rocks Community Open House on June 27 Community

The Peter Squires Band Rocks Community Open House on June 27

On Saturday, June 27, The Music Hall is hosting its annual complimentary Open House for the Seacoast community. All events are free and will take place at The Music Hall’s two venues in downtown Portsmouth: The “American Treasure” Historic Theater on Chestnut Street and the chic modern Loft on Congress Street. People of all ages are invited to stop by the historic theater for a multimedia tour and/or a behind-the-scenes technology tour, and enjoy a 3 pm showing of the Disney family classic UP. Read More Read More
Rising Star Brett Dennen Dishes on Life, Music, and Nature Interviews

Rising Star Brett Dennen Dishes on Life, Music, and Nature

If you make the time to listen to the songs on Brett Dennen’s latest work, Smoke and Mirrors, you will likely have difficulty sitting still. His songs, fast climbing on the Billboard charts, are lively and energetic. Brett has toured with John Mayer, Michael Franti, and Jack Johnson. His enthusiasm for music, his art, and his life on the road are apparent. He’s had a busy summer playing the festival circuit and shows no signs of slowing down. I was able to catch up with him in between shows. Here’s a snippet of that conversation. Please join us on Wednesday, October 22 in the Historic Theater as Brett makes his debut appearance in Portsmouth, NH! Read More Read More

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