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100: Head/Heart/Feet

100: Head/Heart/Feet

If you thought a 26.2 mile marathon was tough, lace up your running shoes for a journey into the world of Ultrarunning. Some call them adventure racers, extreme endurance athletes or just plain crazy as they prepare to run a 30 hour 100 mile race… no stopping, no resting no whining… just running. 

This documentary film “100: Head/Heart/Feet” follows Ultrarunner Zak Wieluns as he attempts to run The Vermont 100 Endurance Race.  The film focuses on Zak’s intensive training regiment and its impact on his relationships while exploring the reasons he was singularly dedicated to completing the Vermont 100 Endurance Race, one of the original 100 mile runs in the USA.

Filmed on the races’ 25th anniversary, “100: Head/Heart/Feet” records the stories of handlers, pacers and crew members while exploring the friendships that motivate their preparation for this grueling race over Vermont’s paved streets, gravel back roads and wooded trails…in daylight and darkness…all within a 30 hour time limit.  A well-trained few complete the race; many will never cross the finish line.
NR, 104 mins, US

Post-film panel:
Zak Wieluns - Ultrarunner/Subject
William Peters - Co-director/Co-producer
Michael Mooney - Co-director/Co-producer
Ben M. Watts - Producer

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