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Digital Portsmouth: The Art of 3D Modeling

Digital Portsmouth: The Art of 3D Modeling

image credit: Tangram 3DS

How we plan our cities, conduct research, and describe imaginary worlds is often done through three dimensional models. 3D modeling extends beyond beautiful games to impact product design, home building, science, and so much more.

Join us as we learn a bit about this wonderfully creative digital expression though three guest speakers.

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Our Speakers

Jared Foley - Tangram 3DS

Modeling the ‘Yet-to-be’ Built Environments

Harish Vashisth - University of New Hampshire

Visualizing Life’s Machinery with 3D Computer Models

Chad Moore - Mad*Pow & Rigging Dojo

3D Modeling in Gaming

About our Speakers

Chad Moore MAD*POW + Rigging Dojo
About 20 years ago, Chad started as a 3D animator, and grew tired of fighting against the technology. He learned how to “rig” models so that they could animate better, and found that he was better at that than animating.

In 2001 Chad joined Sony Computer America in San Diego. He came aboard to teach animation and rigging to the Motion Capture group. The goal was to improve the aesthetics of the emerging technology. While at SCEA he helped make a lot of games and game cinematics too.

These experiences lead Chad to leading teams and projects at Sony and Warner Brothers Games.  His focus was the discipline of Technical Art. In a nutshell, Tech Art is the overlap in the venn diagram of the art, design, and engineering departments.

While at Warner Brothers/Turbine Games Chad championed User Experience based development. Game Development tools are hard to use, especially for non-technical users. By making these tools and processes less technical, and easier to use, artists do what they do best, create. Every second you save an artist with a technical task is saved in orders of magnitude. By utilizing User Experience processes Chad’s team was able to save time and increase quality. He spoke about the specifics at GDC 2015 in the talk “UX for Technical Art”.

A keen interest in UX and experience leading projects and teams lead Chad to Mad*Pow. Mad*Pow leverages strategic design and the psychology of motivation to create innovative experiences and compelling digital solutions that are good for people and good for business.

Chad believes that “All arts and sciences are branches of the same tree”. He enjoys teaching, and mentoring. He cofounded an online school called Rigging Dojo in 2009. The goal of Rigging Dojo is to help “Teach the art and science of character rigging”. That’s the technical aspects of computer animation for film, games, vr, and broadcast.

Chad enjoys writing, and storytelling of all kinds. He lives on the Seacoast with his wife and two children. He likes tacos, the New York Islanders and the color orange.

Jared Foley - Tangram 3DS
Jared Foley has been working in the architectural visualization industry for over 11 years.  Born and raised in Portsmouth, NH, Jared developed a strong passion for 3D visualization early in life, and honed his skills at home throughout high school.  After his first year at Champlain College, he was very fortunate to find Tangram 3DS right in his backyard at 4 Market Square. Jared began his career as an intern at Tangram 3DS and quickly moved up the ranks to later become the Director of Visualization.  Jared has been the director for 5 years.  In that time he has worked to secure a broad range of clients that include the world’s largest architecture firms with projects the world over.  Tangram 3DS now has a strong reputation in the New York City market - from Times Square to One World Trade Center, Tangram 3DS is responsible for visualizing a staggering list of properties that include Fortune 500 corporate offices and some of the most high profile retail and residential properties.  But Jared has not done this alone.  He has also helped to build an accomplished team of artists who are known amongst renowned designers for their industry leading quality and expertise.  Jared and his team have also expanded services to include virtual and augmented reality solutions, architectural and aerial photography and videography, and a full range of commercial video production services.  Jared looks forward to continually pushing the bar of photo realistic visualization and further expanding the capabilities of AR and VR at Tangram 3DS.

Harish Vashisth - University of New Hampshire
Harish Vashisth earned a PhD in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Drexel University in June 2010. Thereafter, he worked until Summer 2013 as a postdoctoral research fellow in Theoretical Chemistry and Biophysics at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. In Fall 2013, he started as a tenure-track Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering at the University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH, where he has been directing a research group of undergraduate and graduate students with a focus on problems in theoretical and computational biophysics domain. Specifically, his group studies dynamics of proteins and nucleic acids and their applications in the design of therapeutics and bio-based materials. He currently serves on the editorial board of journal Frontiers in Endocrinology, and is also a winner of 2016 CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation.

Guest Curator - Joshua Cyr, Director of Education and Acceleration, Alpha Loft

Joshua helps startup entrepreneurs at all stages of their journey. Joshua has been a software developer and startup founder, worked in creative agencies, and brought coworking to Portsmouth earlier in his career. Joshua is also a City Councilor for the amazing City of Portsmouth.
Twitter handles: @jcyr | @alpha_loft

Executive Producer - Monte Bohanan, Director of Marketing & Communications, The Music Hall

Monte is in charge of all things marketing at The Music Hall, managing over 500 events per year. He created Digital Portsmouth after hosting a networking event and chatting about the idea with some folks he met there.
Twitter handles: @Monte_Bohanan | @MusicHall

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