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Writers on a New England Stage @ The Historic Theater

Krista Tippett

Krista Tippett

“A compendium of wisdom…intimate and expansive” —Chicago Tribune

“Brilliant thinking, beautiful storytelling, and practical insight -Brené Brown

The host of “On Being,” the celebrated public radio program, delivers a master class in living for a fractured world. Don’t miss this special evening with New York Times bestselling author and Peabody Award-winning broadcaster, and her discussion of Becoming Wise, just out in paperback.

In this remarkable book Krista Tippett has created a master class in living for a fractured world. Fracture, she says, is not the whole story of our time. The enduring question of what it means to be human has become inextricable from the challenge of who we are to each other.  She insists on the possibility of personal depth and common life for this century, nurtured by science and “spiritual technologies,” with civility love as muscular public practice. And, accompanied by a cross-disciplinary dream team of a teaching faculty, she shows us how.

Krista Tippett is a Peabody Award-winning broadcaster and New York Times bestselling author. In 2014, she received the National Humanities Medal at the White House for “thoughtfully delving into the mysteries of human existence.” She is the host of the public radio program and podcast On Being.

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Book: Becoming Wise: An Inquiry into the Mystery and the Art of Living
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