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PMAC Jazz Night 2018: East Coast/West Coast

PMAC Jazz Night 2018: East Coast/West Coast

For the eleventh straight year, PMAC (Portsmouth Music and Arts Center) will present Jazz Night, a series of curated concerts featuring the faculty of PMAC’s Jazz Institute. Join many of the region’s top jazz musicians for this exploration of America’s greatest original art form.

This year again features four concerts – two on Friday and two on Saturday. Each evening will showcase a different band. Friday night takes the audience on an East Coast jazz adventure as The Loft is transformed into an NYC jazz club. Vocalist Taylor O’Donnell will front a seven-piece band, swinging through the best of East Coast artists such as Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, and Billy Strayhorn, plus some of today’s great jazz artists of the big apple and more.

On Saturday and all-instrumental lineup with saxophonists Matt Langley, Eric Klaxton, and Russ Grazier, and trumpeter Chris Klaxton will keep things cool with a journey to the West Coast. Considered calmer than the bebop or hard bop east of the Mississippi, the Californian vibe of Hollywood and cool jazz of Dave Brubeck, Oliver Nelson, Charles Mingus, and Dexter Gordon take center stage.

Friday Band: Taylor O’Donnell (vocals), Matt Langley and Russ Grazier (saxes), Jeff Auger (keys), Jim Dozet (guitar), Nick Phaneuf (bass), and Jonny Peiffer (drums)

Saturday Band: Chris Klaxton (trumpet), Matt Langley, Eric Klaxton, and Russ Grazier (saxes), Mike Effenberger (keys), Bryan Killough (guitar), Nate Therrien (bass), Mike Walsh (drums)

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