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Kent Stephens' The Ragpicker's Dream

Kent Stephens' The Ragpicker's Dream

Kent Stephens’ annual holiday play reading (no sets or costumes) features brilliant performances from top Seacoast talent. This funny, poignant collection of tales, adapted for the stage by Kent Stephens, includes a glimmering morsel from Kenneth Graham’s The Wind in the Willows, the poetry of Robert Frost and Lawrence Ferlinghetti and the comedy of David Sedaris.

Hear about homecomings, holiday heroes, and miracles in this collection that covers the broad and wonderful spectrum of what the season is about. Join us at the Loft for this warm and welcoming holiday event. As one patron said, “Each year when I see Ragpicker’s Dream, I know the holidays have begun. The show makes me feel like a child again – it’s a real gift to our community!”

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