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Shades of Rust (feat. Tom Schena) "The Break Neck Session" CD Launch Show

Shades of Rust (feat. Tom Schena)

The breakthrough local band, Shades of Rust (featuring Tom Schena), will release their first album “The Break Neck Sessions Live 2013” on September 7 with Tom Schena performing an acoustic set for his long-time fans.  The album was recorded with a live audience at 1130 ft. Studio with Chris Chase in Rollinsford, NH.  Proceeds from the show will benefit WSCA 106.1 FM, Portsmouth Community Radio.

Who is Shades of Rust? From the band perspective Shades of Rust was born out of the musical vision of singer/songwriter Tom Schena. However uncertain he was, that he even wanted a band, remains unclear. What is certain is that Shades of Rust is here to give it a fair shot, and hopefully, with a bit of luck, they’re here to stay. Bringing differing degrees of oxygenation to the collective whole are: Shane Mountain (Bass), Mark Edgerly (Lead Guitar), and Alex Morrison (Drums).

Who is Tom Schena? That’s a great follow-up to your question of “Who (or ‘what’) is Shades of Rust?” You’re soon to find out.

Shades of Rust is his full-bodied realization that good things permeate out of people that genuinely care about offering something worth producing. Out of the attitude that good things can, and will come to good people. The uncertainty of success always lingers in any group of musicians’ lives, but the assurance of crafting and conspiring over good music is very evident in this Shade of Rust. That is a certainty.

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