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Met Opera :: (c) David Murray, Clear Eye Photo

After I attended your presentation at the Loft - my interest in Opera has been simmering and I haven’t been able to turn off the fuel to the burner. I have purchased two books introducing me to the history of opera, and some synopsis’ of some of the best known?/most frequently performed?/most critically acclaimed? Please know what a powerful and fun impact your insights had on me. 
Fondly, Becky

Whether you are a seasoned opera buff or someone who has always wondered ‘What’s the fuss?’, ‘What’s a libretto?’ or maybe even ‘What’s up with the horns?’, The Opera Connection will give you something to sing about.  Hosted by cultural historian/composer Dennis Neil Kleinman, The Opera Connection will present lively, engaging, no-PHD-required discussions before selected Met @ The Music Hall broadcasts this season, the perfect way to enhance and enrich your enjoyment of these magnificent works.  So if you’re curious about opera, or if you want to take your appreciation of opera to a whole new level…make The Connection!

Doors open an hour before – come early for coffee and pastries!

Upcoming Opera Connections

About our Moderator

Dennis Neil Kleinman is a writer/producer whose work has appeared on The Disney Channel, Showtime and The History Channel. Kids know Dennis best for writing the theme song for the multi-Emmy Award-winning PBS series Reading Rainbow.


Tickets are $14 - which includes a house beverage – and are on sale online, at the B2W Box Office located at the Historic Theater at 28 Chestnut Street, Portsmouth, NH, or by phone at 603-436-2400.

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