Panels and Conversations

Wildcard Panel :: (c) David Murray, Clear Eye Photo

Show & Tell:

Professional film enthusiast Paul Goodwin puts the “talk” in talkies, encouraging audiences to speak their minds and hear all about the movies, their backgrounds, and even trivia and the latest gossip about the stars. Free to the public after the end credits roll. Complimentary coffee courtesy of Carpe Diem!

Film Matters:

Global Issues, Local Resources
Meet the Artists. Meet the Experts. Discuss. Participate.
Compelling documentaries on topics from health, finance, sports, art, politics to - you name it! Followed by a discussion and Q&A. Once each month.

Writers Q+A:

The Music Hall provides a place to gather, present/hear different points of view, critical to preserving civil discourse. As patrons file into the historic hall prior to all WNE evenings, ushers provide them with cards for questions - cards which are collected after the author’s presentation, for use by the NHPR host interviewing the author.

Book clubs:

Book clubs throughout the Seacoast region are invited to (purchase tickets to?) all Writers on a New England Stage events. For each show, members of one book club win the opportunity to meet the author backstage after the show.

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