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Wes Anderson’s Bottle Rocket

Join us for The Music Hall Film Club! Over the course of six months, we’ll be focusing on a particular outstanding director, genre, or artist. On the 3rd Tuesday of each month, we’ll show a film followed by a lively, participatory discussion. Curators Bill and Stella Pence, founders of the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado and the Music Hall’s Telluride by the Sea Film Festival, have chosen ‘Hit The Ground Running’ for July through December 2017! Trevor Bartlett will be our host and guide.

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The Music Hall Film Club

A must for all Telluride lovers, film discussion buffs, and all-around cinephiles!

July-December 2017: ‘Hit The Ground Running’

Upcoming 2017 Film Club Events
7/25 Mean Streets (1973) - Martin Scorsese
8/15 Reservoir Dogs (1992) - Quentin Tarantino
9/19 Bottle Rocket (1996) - Wes Anderson
10/17 Blood Simple (1984) - The Coen Brothers
11/21 Memento (2000) - Christopher Nolan
12/26 The Sugarland Express (1974) - Steven Spielberg

About Hit The Ground Running

Every director has a first movie, but not every director grows to redefine the art of movies themselves. Join us for a revealing retrospective of the auspicious debut features from an elite club of the most important, inspiring, and influential living American filmmakers.

About Trevor Bartlett
Once voted New Hampshire’s Best Film Critic by NH Magazine, Trevor Bartlett is a regular contributor of movie reviews for The Sound News. He’s worked in the Telluride (Colorado) Film Festival curatorial staff, and produced Portsmouth’s Telluride by the Sea at The Music Hall for many years. A lifelong advocate for the Arts, he is a graphic designer, event coordinator, and media consultant. He’s an avid traveller, adventure seeker, and cultivates a guilty appreciation for trashy grindhouse pictures.

Remaining Barbara Stanwyck Film Club Events

6/20 Meet John Doe (1941)

About Barbara Stanwyck and the Six Giant Directors

Our winter/spring film series focuses on the work of one brilliant actress as seen through the lens of six equally brilliant directors. Barbara Stanwyk is best known for her ability to play strong-willed women with a sense of depth and complexity. In a career that spanned sixty years, she made eighty films, was nominated for four Academy Awards, won three Emmys, a Golden Globe, and was awarded an Honorary Oscar. She was also a sharp business woman and was, in 1944, the highest paid woman in America. Ms. Stanwyk became a sought after actress, not only because of her consummate professionalism, but because she was genuinely great to work with. In this series, we’ll enjoy six of her most celebrated films and discuss her working relationships with the giant directors of her time. Plus, we’ll learn more about her personal life, and how that informed her most memorable performances. 

About Susan Poulin
Susan PoulinSelected by Portland Magazine as one of the “Ten Most Intriguing People in Maine,” award winning writer and performer Susan Poulin is the author of ten plays, five of which feature her alter ego, Ida LeClair. She writes the popular Maine humor blog and podcast, Just Ask Ida and is the author of Finding Your Inner Moose: Ida LeClair’s Guide to Living the Good Life and The Sweet Life: Ida LeClair’s Guide to Love and Marriage. Among many things, Susan is intrigued by the creative collaboration of actor and director, and is looking forward to exploring this synergy through the life and work of Barbara Stanwyck.


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