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Classic Hollywood: What a Character!

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Restaurant Week Means You’re in for a Treat at The Music Hall Community

Restaurant Week Means You’re in for a Treat at The Music Hall

By Kristina Le Dain Beaudett March 22-31 is restaurant week in Portsmouth! Twice a year this event spotlights the city as a culinary and cultural destination. What better way to spend the first days of spring than by making a getaway to Portsmouth to wine & dine, shop & gallery hop, and visit the theatre. Enjoy 3-course prix fixe menus in restaurants around the Seacoast, lunch for just $16.95 per person and dinner for $29.95 per person. Read More Read More
Singer Songwriter Festival Individual Tickets on Sale This Week Music

Singer Songwriter Festival Individual Tickets on Sale This Week

Individual tickets to the Portsmouth Singer Songwriter Festival (April 20 - 22) go on sale Wednesday March 7 at noon for everyone-individual tickets are on sale to members right now. We’ve got Merle Haggard, The Felice Brothers, O’Death, The Farthest Forests, Lucy Wainwright Roche, Elsa Cross, a ton of local Singer Songwriters (who’ll be announced this week) performing in the Round Robin, and to cap the weekend off, Rosanne Cash. Read More Read More
The Fate of Cupcakes Essay

The Fate of Cupcakes

Image courtesy of SweetPeaCupcakes Creative Commons. by Patricia Lynch The world is moving faster and it’s not your imagination. Consider for a nanosecond the fate of cupcakes. Two years ago they were the muffins of the pastry world. There were cupcake shops, special displays, they nudged out layer cakes as the dessert choice in restaurants both humble and grand. Read More Read More
Hundreds Having a Dangerously Good Time Wildcard

Hundreds Having a Dangerously Good Time

by Chris Curtis What an amazing time last Friday’s Wildcard Movie was- The fundraiser/debut of In Danger of Being Discovered with reunion performances by Groovechild and Thanks to Gravity! When Monte Bohanan and I first heard about the film (at that time entitled only Portsmouth Music Documentary) we knew this had to be a Wildcard. We did not realize at the time what, in collaboration with producers Marc Dole, Mike Venn and Karlina Lyons, a huge event it was to become. Read More Read More
An Interview with Chuck Palahniuk Interviews

An Interview with Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk has been amazing readers with his writing for almost two decades, starting with his 1996 debut, Fight Club, right up to his 2010 release, Tell-All. Palahniuk’s books are gritty and gripping, and his new one, Damned, is no exception. The novel follows Madison, a young dead girl assigned to an afterlife in Hell, as she journeys to confront Satan about her situation. Chuck will be appearing at the Music Hall on Thursday, November 3, as part of the Writers on a New England Stage series. He recently took the time to answer a few questions about Damned, the afterlife, and the future of print books. Read More Read More
A Conversation with Meredith Vieira & James Braly Interviews

A Conversation with Meredith Vieira & James Braly

KS:  Hi this is Kathleen Soldati from the Music Hall in Portsmouth NH.  We’re talking today with Meredith Vieira, the producer of Life in a Marital Institution and James Braly the renowned storyteller that we hear on NPR’s This American Life.  Meredith and James are bringing their hit off-Broadway one-man comic monologue show to the Music Hall Loft September 9-11.  So Meredith and James, welcome.  We can’t wait to see the show! KS: Meredith, our listeners are most familiar with you from The View and The Today Show and now you’ve moved into producing theater.  Can you tell us a little bit about what brought you to that point in your career? Read More Read More
The door that led to a novel Essay

The door that led to a novel

by Chris Bohjalian Not long ago, I was in my basement, which is the scariest place on earth. We’re talking “Silence of the Lambs” scary, “Night of the Living Dead” scary, “lion and tigers and bears, oh my” scary. It’s not merely that a sizable chunk of the floor is dirt, which means that with all the rain we’ve had this summer it’s like quicksand down there. It’s not the fact that there is a Gordian knot of tubes and pipes along the ceiling (which is little more than a crawlspace in some sections), some of which carry water and some of which carry LP gas to heat the house. It’s the door. Read More Read More

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