France • d: Justine Triet • 2h 30m • English subtitles

Writer-director Justine Triet’s film reimagines Bergman’s Scenes From a Marriage through the prism of an Agatha Christie whodunit. Samuel (Samuel Theis), a beloved husband and father, shockingly falls to his death in the wintry French countryside. A year later, his wife Sandra (Sandra Hüller), a successful novelist, is on trial for his murder. Triet’s superlative script (co-authored with Arthur Harari) ingeniously uses ellipsis and misdirection to create a hypnotic chess game between defense and prosecution attorneys (Swann Arlaud and Antoine Reinantz), while shifting our sympathies to Daniel (Milo Machado-Graner), the couple’s clever, vision-impaired son who has grown up in the eye of his parents’ marital storms. Hüller captures the excruciating conflict between Sandra’s devotion to her family and her obsessive intellectual, sexual and creative ambitions. Her magnetic performance will take your breath away.

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Fri., 9/15 • 7pm • The Holdovers
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Sat., 9/16 • 7pm • Poor Things
Sun., 9/17 • 12pm • Fallen Leaves
Sun., 9/17 • 2:30pm • Anatomy of a Fall
Sun., 9/17 • 6:30pm • American Symphony

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