Finding Freedom

A cancer survivor’s guide to ENDing restricting belief systems to discover a life of authenticity and possibility.

In her talk, “Finding Freedom,” Jaime shares with us what it felt like to receive a cancer diagnosis just two days after giving birth to her son. She says that the morning she was diagnosed was the day she started showing up for her life by questioning everything.

Through story-telling and journaling, Jaime will take our PKX Community down a path of individual self-discovery.  In order to find freedom from angst and anxiety caused by familial and societal standards, Jaime believes we have to dive deep into our authentic selves to uncover our unique wants and desires. She maintains that by taking a closer look at what we believe to be true and uncovering its intention, we can choose to put an END to old belief systems that no longer serve us and create new systems that do.  The choices are simple shifts in perspective that can lead to big change.

Jaime concludes that once we END our outdated ideology, we can operate from a place of freedom-of-self where there is more opportunity for fun, creativity, productivity, and happiness in our lives.

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