This Civil War epic went from bestselling book to box-office blockbuster, winning eight Oscars®, including Best Picture. Relive Scarlett and Rhett’s romance, Hattie McDaniel’s history-making performance, and the controversies that still surround the film. It’s the finale of our 1939 series—catch it before it’s Gone.

Film Club: 1939: Hollywood’s Greatest Year
When fans talk about the Golden Age of Movies, this is what they mean: an era when legendary idols (Gable, Garbo, Garland) and directors (Ford, Capra, Cukor) delivered the goods in every genre. Now, Film Club proudly presents a star-studded, 80th-anniversary six-pack of hits that still influence filmmakers today. This series ticks every movie lover’s box, including a family classic (The Wizard of Oz), a Western (Stagecoach), two comedies (The Women, Ninotchka), a drama (Mr. Smith Goes to Washington) and for the grand finale, the epic that swept the 1940 Academy Awards, Gone with the Wind. Frankly, my dear—you’ll definitely give a damn about these flicks. Hitler was on the march and Tinseltown was in the money, so grab your popcorn and catch six classics on the big screen from Hollywood’s Greatest Year.

Hosted by Jeannie MacDonald
As a child, Jeannie MacDonald launched her classic film education by staying up way past her bedtime to watch “old” movies. After surviving producer stints at Boston’s CBS and NBC affiliates, she moved to Los Angeles, where she wrote TV and radio copy for Paramount Television series on the studio’s iconic Hollywood lot. As a freelancer, Jeannie has written movie copy for Warner Bros. and Sony Pictures, and humor pieces for the Washington Post, Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times.

Running Time: 3h 58m • NR

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