A pair of solitary New Yorkers find each other in this lyrical, beautiful silent — mostly — film. Created in an experimental time before sound in motion pictures was widely embraced, director Paul Fejos interspersed sections of sound and color tinting, providing a fascinating example of emerging technologies that would change cinema forever.

Film Club: Innovations and Innovators

Few art forms have been in so constant a state of reinvention as that of motion pictures. From their introduction as novelty arcade attractions in the 1890s to their recent transition to purely digital image sensors and theatrical projection systems, the movie industry has consistently acted as a staging area for new ideas and cutting-edge technologies that have transformed filmmaker’s capacity to reach, and exceed the limits of imagination. Over the next coming months, The Music Hall Film Club will celebrate some of the technological milestones that made movies what they are today.

Hosted by Trevor Bartlett

Running Time: 1h 9m • NR • US

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