Indie-pop artist Lucette turns her album’s title phrase into a metaphor for experiences both highly specific and widely familiar: fleeting romance, emotional displacement, isolation, the gulf between the presumed glamour of the artist’s life, and the reality of getting by. In keeping with a refusal to self-restrain, Lucette assembled a purposely iconoclastic sonic palette for the album while drawing upon inspirations like ABBA, Rihanna, Leonard Cohen, Blaze Foley, Amy Winehouse, and Etta James.

Lucette embeds Deluxe Hotel Room with so many unexpected flourishes: brooding drum-machine beats, luminous synth lines, and—perhaps most strikingly— the soulful saxophone work of New Orleans musician Brad Walker. Along with shining a new light on her gracefully sculpted melodies, the album finds Lucette bringing a previously unglimpsed boldness to her vocal presence. Throughout Deluxe Hotel Room, Lucette reveals the depth and scope of her songwriting, her ability to capture often-overlooked elements of the human experience.

In looking back on her path as an artist, Lucette observes a certain shift in her motivation to make music. But as Deluxe Hotel Room proves, her songwriting goes beyond confession to offer something of greater purpose: a sense of solidarity and solace for those who’ve endured similar troubles.

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