Carencro 20th Anniversary Tour

Marc Broussard is a soulful singer-songwriter whose music weaves the rich tapestry of funk, blues, R&B, rock, and pop. With a voice that ignites passion and lyrics that resonate deeply, he’s a genre-blurring artist who captivates hearts worldwide. Lyrically, Broussard writes earnest and intimate stories of family, love and home. His father, Louisiana hall of fame guitarist of “The Boogie Kings” nurtured Marc’s musical gifts at an early age, and the vibrant Lafayette, Louisiana music scene gave Marc the opportunity to practice his craft consistently from childhood through early adulthood. In 2004, Broussard released his first major album Carencro. His 2007 album, S.O.S: Save Our Soul was his first to hit the top 100 of the Billboard 200 in the US. Dive into the sonic journey of Marc Broussard, where every note touches your heart and every rhythm tells a story

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