Anniversary 1978-2018

The Cure, acknowledged as one of the world’s greatest live bands, takes the stage on a perfect July evening in 2018 in London’s Hyde Park to deliver a set of songs celebrating four decades of music making. The ensuing film, Anniversary 1978-2018, directed by long-time collaborator Tim Pope, captures them in glorious 4K. The 5.1 audio mix by Robert Smith and Paul Corkett complements and completes this fabulously immersive cinematic experience. From “Lovesong” to “Lullaby,” from “Boys Don’t Cry” to “Burn,” from “Fascination Street” to “Friday I’m in Love,” Robert Smith and his extraordinary band – Simon Gallup, Jason Cooper, Roger O’Donnell and Reeves Gabrels – take us on a magical trip through time.

Running Time: 2h 17m • NR • UK

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