Meet the Board

Executive Committee

  • Edwin Garside — President
  • Kristin Morales —Vice President
  • Timothy R. Hepburn — Treasurer, Baker Newman Noyes
  • Mary C. Horigan– Secretary, University of New Hampshire
  • Ben Auger —Executive Committee Member at Large, Auger Building Company, Inc.
  • Eric J. Chinburg — Executive Committee Member at Large, Chinburg Properties 
  • Robert W. Hickey – Executive Committee Member at Large, Allergy Associates of New Hampshire

Board Members

  • Paul Durham, Sheenan Phinney
  • Debra Ford, Jackson Lewis, PC
  • Stephen A. Gaykan
  • Bev Giblin
  • Dawn Heffron
  • Brad Honeyman, Mad*Pow
  • Jeff Johnston, Cathartes
  • Bob Lord, PARMA Recordings
  • Jay McFarland, Hampton Ford-Hyundai
  • Cori McGrath, Åland Realty
  • Jessica McKeon, B2W Software
  • Amy McLaughlin, Fluid Equipment Solutions of New England, LLC
  • Jeffrey Mountjoy, Olde Port Properties
  • Cathy Nickerson, Private Client Underwriters
  • Vicki O’Dowd, Avery Insurance
  • Jim Pender, Rockingham Electric
  • Tara Rutman

Ex Officio

  • Geoffrey E. Clark, Cocked Hat Ventures
  • Jameson French, Northland Forest Products
  • Josephine Lamprey
  • Patricia Lynch, The Music Hall
  • Elisabeth Robinson, Whole Life Health Care
  • Michael Labrie, River House Restaurant, Atlantic Grill

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