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Sally Struthers Steals the Show Holiday Musical

Sally Struthers Steals the Show

The one and only Sally Struthers returns to our historic stage, reprising her role as the hilarious Miss Hannigan in Annie! Sally is truly amazing and absolutely steals the show as the villainous orphanage director whose change of heart comes just in time for Christmas. Don’t miss the hilarious and heartwarming production, with actors and dancers straight from Broadway (like Sally)!   Read More Read More
Show + Tell: The Farewell Show & Tell

Show + Tell: The Farewell

On Tuesday night, we’re going to be discussing The Farewell, which is the first movie I’ve ever seen that bills itself as “Based On a Real Lie.” The inventiveness of that tag line is a good sign, and the movie delivers on its promise. Read More Read More
Show & Tell: The Farewell Show & Tell

Show & Tell: The Farewell

It’s always interesting when a movie says that it’s “based on real events,” because movie buffs (like me) can do a little research and uncover the events, giving me a chance to criticize the movie on a whole new level. No matter how tangled the events, I can usually count on Hollywood to oversimplify the storyline and wrap things up with a reality-flavored bow. Read More Read More
October Vibes Playlist Musings

October Vibes Playlist

Whether you love to groove to funk and rock, marvel at the talent of a singer-songwriter, or experience the hypnotic sounds of Venezuelan pop-folk, The Music Hall is the place to experience it all. Read More Read More

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