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Review: Parasite

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Spots We Love to Love Sponsor Spotlight

Spots We Love to Love

Opinions on Valentine’s Day are mixed. Some people look forward to the day while others dread it. Whether you’ve been eagerly awaiting February 2020 (candy conversation hearts are back, people!) or you’re in denial, Valentine’s is the perfect time for a little treat. Read More Read More
Show + Tell: Pain and Glory Show & Tell

Show + Tell: Pain and Glory

Pain and Glory is a story of an aging film director who is worried about whether his health will let him keep making movies. It’s about as close to an autobiographical film as Almodovar has ever made, although he cautions that it’s a mistake to take it as the literal gospel. Read More Read More
Review: The Irishman Film

Review: The Irishman

Watching The Irishman is as if the main character, Frank Sheeran, is your grandfather in his nursing home, telling you stories of his youth. The film is Frank recounting his life from starting out as a young union teamster before he befriending crime boss Russel Bufalino (Joe Pesci) and becoming an assassin for the mob. Read More Read More

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