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Classic Hollywood: What a Character!

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Keeping You Safe During COVID-19 In Brief

Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

We are doing everything we can for the safety of our patrons, staff, and volunteers. Our phased approach started with a new outdoor concert series out on Chestnut Street and now that our brand new HVAC system has been installed, we are open inside the Historic Theater to limited audiences! Read More Read More
Celebrating a Decade of Season Sponsorship Sponsor Spotlight

Celebrating a Decade of Season Sponsorship

The Music Hall is delighted to celebrate a milestone this season as The Labrie Group and The River House, our first and longest-standing Season Sponsor, celebrates their 10th anniversary in that role. We are inspired by the Labries’ approach to our community for three distinguishing reasons: their emphasis on family, their appreciation for every member of their team, and their willingness to commit to sponsorship for the long term. Read More Read More
Join Us Under the Stars or in the AC! #MyMusicHall

Join Us Under the Stars or in the AC!

To this curator team (and the whole organization, really), there is nothing more exhilarating than the buzz of a show night: the cascade of applause, the hustle and bustle behind the curtain, and the excited chatter with patrons after the show. We missed that, just as we are sure you did. Thank you for your patience as we worked through programming challenges and safety protocols.  Read More Read More
Show & Tell: Emma Show & Tell

Show & Tell: Emma

I had planned to do a discussion of Emma on Tuesday night, just like we did during the before-times. The movie, the latest in the delightfully steady flow of remakes based on Jane Austen’s novels, is a very worthy retelling of the tale of the upper class, small-town matchmaker who needs to learn a lesson in humility. Read More Read More
Going Red! #RedAlertRestart Campaign

Going Red! #RedAlertRestart

On the evening of Tuesday, September 1, 2020, The Music Hall’s Historic Theater will be lit red for #RedAlertRESTART in support of performing arts industries—across our country and in our own community—that have been uniquely affected by the pandemic. This call to action will take place nationwide with as many as 1,500 buildings across North America lit in red, including our own Historic Theater.  Read More Read More
Show & Tell: John Lewis Show & Tell

Show & Tell: John Lewis

Well, this year has been very interesting, hasn’t it? And by “interesting,” I mean boring as hell and scary as hell at the same time. No movies at The Music Hall and no discussions afterward; along with the coronavirus and some political unpleasantness, it sounds like a recipe for depression. Read More Read More

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