Volunteers Make the Show Go On


We Appreciate Your Interest in Volunteer Opportunities

It’s been called “the best volunteer gig on the seacoast,” but even the best can be made better! We are focused on the consistency and enrichment opportunities for our current volunteers. We have no new volunteer orientations scheduled at this time.

If you’d like to be a Music Hall Volunteer in the future, please follow the two steps below. Read the Volunteer Handbook, and you will get a sense of the expectations and rewards of volunteering.

Once you’ve read the handbook and you think that volunteering would be a good fit for you, complete the volunteer sign up form. We will contact you when we resume orientations for new volunteers.


  1. Please read the Volunteer Handbook.
  2. Complete the Volunteer sign-up form.
  3. Please review the Volunteer Protocols.

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Existing Volunteers: Timecounts

If you have questions, please contact Jonnie Jordan, Front of House Manager, at jjordan@themusichall.org and Jeff Kamensky, General Manager, at jkamensky@themusichall.org