Why Corporate Sponsorship

The Music Hall is:

  • an economic driver (support for The Music Hall means support for artists, employees, and vendors, as well as local restaurants, shops, etc.),
  • a place for shared experiences that unite,
  • a landmark destination (built in 1878), and
  • a nonprofit organization (ticket sales only cover a percentage of costs, and right now that earned income is well below typical years).

Sponsor support this past year allowed The Music Hall to:

  • retain our core group of experienced arts professionals,
  • provide socially-distanced entertainment,
  • repeatedly adapt with new approaches to programming, and
  • stay ready to return to full-scale business.

While in-person audiences have been severely limited, we have maintained our highly desirable membership base of more than 3,000 households and continue to reach out via email to ~32k enews subscribers.