Taken at a Writers on a New England Stage appearance by Tommy Orange on stage with New Hampshire Public Radio host Peter Biello

Our Core Values


We expect excellence and celebrate authenticity on every level as we constantly improve our organization. In those areas where improvement is necessary, we strive for solutions. Our goal is to create and maintain the highest quality programs and projects, and the highest quality relationships, among our teammates, business partners, members, and audiences.


We support the creative work of our artists, our community, and our teammates. We believe that diversity, intellectual curiosity, flexibility, and risk-taking are necessary in a vibrant creative culture and we seek to foster these qualities in ourselves and in our audiences.


What we do is vital. Each decision we make, each performance we stage and movie we show, each project we take on has as its ultimate goal the betterment of our organization, our community and beyond. We hold dear our stewardship role in maintaining our historic theater and in supporting our arts and cultural community. We believe that sustainability and reciprocal trust are critical elements of an engaged and active society.


We believe in bold actions and ideas that further our mission and ideals, in demonstrating leadership in our field and cultivating a transparent and ethical culture. We learn and grow from our mistakes as we try new things, knowing that success is not assured. We show courage in holding ourselves and each other accountable. We honor each other with active listening and mutual respect for divergent points of view. We support each other in the creation of independent ideas and believe that only strong individuals can create a unified team.


Our business relies on building relationships with people. As a team we understand that people are imperfect and, while we work towards excellence, we ascribe equal value to empathy and respect. We are committed to making our theaters accessible to all. We highly value civil discourse and seek to be authentic in all endeavors. We keep impatience and hubris in check through humility, kindness, and gratitude.

Our Mission

The purpose of The Music Hall is to: (a) to maintain one or more theaters with the primary purpose of providing quality theatre, music, dance, opera, cinema, literary discussions, and other appropriate performing arts; and (b) to establish and maintain artistic, student, and community-based programs or series that strengthen the communities that we serve.

Our Vision

To enrich, entertain, and inspire all through world-renowned and community-based programming in beloved gathering spaces.