Where We Serve You

The Music Hall is a nonprofit performing arts center comprised of two venues in the heart of downtown Portsmouth, NH. One is an 895-seat Victorian-era theater, recently restored and renovated; the other is a 116-seat nightclub-style, converted storefront venue, which opened in 2011 and was recently renovated in 2022.

The Historic Theater

Built in 1878, the Historic Theater is a beautifully restored and renovated Vaudeville-era theater.

The Lounge

Converted from a retail store and originally opened in 2011, the Lounge is a contemporary space with a nightclub vibe and seats about 100.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications of both theaters for visiting production members, renters, and the curious.

From Our Blog

Our Playbill is a Real Page-Turner

When I was young, I dreamed of being a published author. I haven’t yet written the great American novel but in some ways that dream has come true: In the six years I’ve been at The Music Hall you’ve read my work in blogs like this one, in the magazine, and of course, in my favorite publication, the Season Playbill.

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