Connor Garvey is a singer-songwriter from Portland, Maine, who delivers a message of connection, intentionality, and self-awareness without being self-absorbed or trite. He leaves audiences uplifted through the amiable presence of an entertainer, lyrical depth of a poet, and enchantment of a storyteller. 

On his latest release, Another End of the Year, Garvey shows his maturity as a songwriter, addressing personal and universal subjects through a series of lyrical stories. This collection of songs reflects the wisdom gained from the experience of life, loss, and the responsibilities of family.

First-time listeners often are drawn to Garvey’s engaging performance style, accomplished musicianship, and memorable melodies. But his lyrics project a depth and sincerity that allow the listener to find meaning beyond the catchy hook. He thrives in the intimacy and connection best observed in the brief space between the last note of a song and the applause – when audience and artist alike share a moment of reflection of the common experience.