Join award-winning poet and songwriter Todd Hearon for a Portsmouth showcase of his second studio album, Yodelady, out summer 2023. Born in Fort Worth, Texas to a Southern Baptist preacher and the church pianist, and raised in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, Hearon draws from the hymns and folk songs of his youth, mixing their strains with the more edgy and contemporary sounds of Americana and country rock. Of his first album, Border Radio (2021), Seacoast Online wrote, “Todd Hearon is proof that good folkin’ country singers still walk among us. Somewhere from the great beyond Townes Van Zandt has happened upon Todd’s tunes . . . and felt his cheeks go flush with envy.” SKOPE magazine added, “Border Radio . . . drives deep into soulful Americana and classic-country/folk roots while expanding the tradition with an attention to language unusual in contemporary commercial songwriting,” concluding: “Poetry and song, ever old friends, meet again and merge in every line of Border Radio.” 

Hearon is also the author of three collections of poems, a number of plays and essays, and a novella. He lives in Exeter, New Hampshire, where he teaches literature and creative writing at Phillips Exeter Academy.