The arts are fundamental to our humanity. They inspire us, they bring us joy, they help us to grow and express ourselves, and they build bridges between cultures. The Music Hall has been enriching the lives of Seacoast residents for more than 140 years. A fundamental component of our thriving community, The Music Hall is a key player in the region’s economic vitality.

The coronavirus has had a devastating economic impact on America’s nonprofit arts sector, a $166 billion industry, and we are sure to feel the effects for many years.

Beyond stabilizing the health of this cultural institution, supporting The Music Hall is a substantive step in the wider effort to ensure economic and social stability for our region as a whole during this difficult time. When you support The Music Hall, you support our artists, employees, and vendors, as well as local restaurants, shops, and more. Your dollar is recycled repeatedly throughout the community. 

There’s nothing more exciting for us than the moment before an artist takes the stage. The lights dim and the crowd quiets down. 


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