We want to make sure your experience at our venues is nothing short of fantastic. Recently, there has been a surge in third-party ticket scams related to The Music Hall events.

🎟️ ONLY TRUST Please refrain from purchasing tickets from any website other than our official platform, These third-party websites often charge exorbitant prices, offering no guarantee of receiving genuine tickets.

💰 AVOID OVERPAYING: Purchases from unauthorized sources can result in paying significantly more than the actual ticket cost. The Music Hall is committed to fair pricing, and we want to protect you from unnecessary expenses.

❌ NO GUARANTEE OF TICKET VALIDITY: Tickets obtained through unauthorized channels may be counterfeit or invalid. Protect yourself from disappointment by securing your tickets only through The Music Hall’s official channels.

🚫 NOT AN OFFICIAL MUSIC HALL TRANSACTION: Purchases from third-party websites are not genuine Music Hall transactions. This means they cannot be validated or addressed by us. Your satisfaction and security are our top priorities.

🔍 BE CAUTIOUS DURING INTERNET SEARCHES: When searching for The Music Hall events online, you may be directed to third-party websites. Exercise caution and always double-check the website’s authenticity before making any purchases.

📞 CONTACT PATRON SERVICES: When in doubt, reach out to our Patron Services first. We are here to assist you and ensure a seamless ticket-buying experience.