Support for 12/21: Scharff Brothers
Support for 12/23: Sam Robbins and Halley Neal

Abrielle Scharff is back in her hometown for her annual holiday show, Abby Holidays. Paired with candid and original lyricism, the sweetness of Abrielle’s sound doesn’t hinder her ability to convey genuine emotion. On stage, she is an open book with a mischievous sense of humor, like a stand-up comedian version of Stevie Nicks. Despite being a seasoned performer, the quality of Abrielle’s voice — unaffected, clear as a bell — gives the impression of effortlessness. 

This is Abrielle’s 6th annual holiday show and very first year hosting it at The Lounge. She is very much looking forward to being back in her hometown, surrounded by friends and family (both on and off stage) during her favorite time of year. Join Abby in celebration as the night will be full of stunning renditions of your favorite seasonal songs, silly jokes, and a whole lot of love.

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