Adrienne Mack-Davis is a classically trained soul/hip hop artist in Maine. With soul and R&B melodies fused with infectious hip hop and dance instrumentals, she emanates positivity and self-love to inspire compassion and self-confidence in people from all walks of life. Her sound is compiled of her struggles and triumphs, weaving together gut wrenching melodies and poignant, heartfelt lyrics. She believes in each person being the change in their own lives and writes music to inspire that. Her latest release Healer is her most versatile yet and explores the many different angles that fuse into Adrienne’s sound. Her soulful lyrics against fresh R&B melodies and energetic dance tracks makes an eclectic album for all types of music lovers!

Currently based in the Portland, ME area, you can catch any one of her soulful sets around New England—she is definitely a live performer you won’t forget!  This R&B artist is one of a kind and blowing up.

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