Singer-songwriter Antje Duvekot is poised to unveil her fifth studio album, New Wild West, on September 15th. According to Duvekot, this collection of songs marks the pivotal juncture of mid-life and represents a new rung on the ladder of healing from trauma. The songs on New Wild West signal a genuine shift in Duvekot’s relationship with some of the enduring themes she has grappled with over the years. 

“On the whole”, says Duvekot, “my older songs sought to disarm trauma by bluntly acknowledging its destabilizing nature and creating a space in which to exist with that sensation, both for myself and my audiences. In contrast, the newer songs have the teeth and tenacity to openly confront and defy trauma. As such, I feel very warmly towards this collection of songs. They are long overdue dissidents”. Duvekot’s amplified voice in mid-life carries a protective fierceness that resonates across the album. 

Songs like “Girl on a Wire” and “Evolution” salute the perseverance we all apply to our human journey towards finding our voice. Duvekot says of hers, “I crawled into music as a protective vessel when I was a teenager. It lent me safety and allowed me to stay open and let in more continuous sunlight than I could have, otherwise. I want to pay back that loan. Many of the songs on New Wild West do that.”

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