Self-described as “rhythm and bluegrass,” Bitter Pill is a tight-knit family (literally father and daughter), who play a dark and anachronistic twist of folk, blues, jazz, rockabilly, and country. They released their first album, Prepare Your Throats, in the fall of 2018. It is a collection of traditional and original songs from the soundtrack of their staging of William Shakespeare’s violent, bloody, grotesquely ridiculous abomination of a play, Titus Andronicus.

“Smart, dramatic, visual, evocative compositions that cross genres and casts shades of Tom Waits and Shane MacGowan.” —NH Magazine. They released their second album May 2020, Desperate Times on the New Hampshire State Line, a whimsical collection of foot stompin’, hand clappin’, spirited cross-genre tunes. Their third album, livin ain’t cheap, dyin ain’t free was just released July 2022. Now available for purchase on Vinyl, CD, and streaming on all the streamers

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