Fresh from its Tribeca Festival debut (and Human/Nature Award), and featuring appearances and narration by Jason Momoa, Donald Glover, Rosario Dawson, Laura Dern, Ian Somerholder and Woody Harrelson, Common Ground is a rousing and uplifting feature-length documentary that shows a pathway to transform our unhealthy and corrupt industrial agricultural food system into an ecological way of growing food that can restore our health, our communities, and our climate. The film chronicles the budding “Regenerative Agriculture” movement, a type of farming based on working with nature, instead of against it, and explores the ways politics, power, and money contribute to the current food system.

Punchy graphics and a foot-tapping score help deliver science-based sequences. In one such scene, a Jason Momoa-narrated montage, viewers learn that, in simple terms, regenerative agriculture uses four practices: no-tillage, the use of cover crops, no chemicals, and planned grazing of herds of animals.

Common Ground chronicles the struggles and triumphs of a politically and culturally diverse group of farmers, ranchers, scientists, and advocates who all share one thing in common: they believe in a way of ecological farming that builds soil. By using a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern technology, the farmers and ranchers in this movement make more money and grow more nutrient dense food than their “conventional” farming counterparts. These “regenerative pioneers” argue that, to save humanity from multiple imminent calamities, we must first save our soil. Common Ground shows that soil is quite possibly the most valuable substance on our planet, because “if our soil dies, we also die.”

Runtime: NR • 1 hr 45 min

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