So What is Your Purpose?

At some point in our lives we often ask ourselves, what is our purpose?  In our life, our work, or here on this planet?  In today’s talk we will explore how to find or “re-find” our life’s purpose.

“As a business coach and speaker, I often help people find or find again their true purpose in their business and life. Or in other words, what we really want out of our life and business. What is it that we were meant to do while here on this Earth?  We will explore the ways to discover and unleash your true life’s purpose.” 

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About Raef Granger

I work with bright and passionate entrepreneurs with the burning desire to create something big.  I have the opportunity to assist and guide them on their journeys through creating their vision and putting it into practice.

I guide and coach entrepreneurs to jump over the mental or physical hurdles in their way, and I teach and educate on practical business “know-how” and methods to improve both one’s business and life. 

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About CreativeMornings PKX

CreativeMornings PKX (Portsmouth, Kittery, & Beyond) is a local chapter of the global breakfast lecture series for the creative community founded by Tina Roth Eisenberg (@swissmiss). We meet once a month on a Friday morning from 8:30 – 10am. Every meeting will feature a local speaker on the month’s topic and is free and open to the public.

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Running Time: 1 hour

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