One comes from a large Italian family in Staten Island. The other comes from a large Italian family in Brooklyn, then moved to Staten Island (which is Brooklyn with a cover charge). 

One is young enough to be the son. One is old enough to be the father.

Eric D’Alessandro and Vic DiBitetto are two of the most insanely hilarious and explosive comedians in the world of comedy today. Both of their last names are four syllables. When you have eight syllables combined in comedy, that’s about as good as it gets. Comedy is all about the syllables.

 Now, these two Italian monsters of comedy are joining forces on tour together: The Funny How? Tour. They are the Goodfellas of comedy. They are comedy in a red sauce. They are unbelievable on tour alone. Together? It’s the funniest eight-syllable show you will ever see.

Opener and Host: Alex Giampapa

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