Dean Owens is an adventurous, award winning, troubadour, and a natural wanderer. With nine solo albums, he has also collaborated with some of the most respected musicians and producers around including Al Perkins, Will Kimbrough, Neilson Hubbard, Grant-Lee Phillips and most recently, Gaby Moreno and Latin rock legends, Calexico.

Dean is a consummate live performer, with a searingly soulful voice, a wealth of stories, earworm inducing melodies and great songs; the heart of a rock n roller combined with the spellbinding delivery of folk’s best storytellers, with fun and melancholy intertwined.  He can perform solo, duo or with his band The Sinners – a hugely talented, brass infused 4 piece including electric guitar, bass and trumpet. There are stories of love and lust, sinners and saints, the displaced, the wanderers and the border ghosts, infused with the dramatic Panavision desert sweep of Calexico, with Joey Burns’ guttural guitar, John Convertino’s masterful drumming and percussion, and sweeping mariachi horns.

His most recent album, 2022’s Sinner’s Shrine (recorded in Tucson with members of Calexico) has been pulling superlative-laden reviews from publications throughout Europe, described as an intoxicating, innovative, perfect, “marriage made in heaven” collaboration. 2023’s follow up (with some tracks recorded at the Sinner’s Shrine sessions, some long distance with the Calexico musicians), El Tiradito (The Curse Of Sinner’s Shrine) is a double CD release, including an all instrumental “soundtrack for an imaginary Western”.

“Owens sings with a dark majesty that matches the gigantic emotional pull of his songs ” –Mojo

“More intoxicating than the most treacherous of mezcals” –Rolling Stone

“Ine of the most interesting and innovative artists in Americana” –Lonesome Highway

“Visionary and rewarding” –Folk Radio UK

“Edinburgh’s finest” –Edinburgh Evening News

“One of the very finest songwriters on the scene today, making some beautiful, beautiful art” –Ralph McLean (BBC Radio Ulster)

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