When My Time Comes

A candid, compassionate consideration of the Right-to-Die movement, from the advocate, renowned radio host, and bestselling author, Diane Rehm, one of the most trusted voices in the nation.

Through interviews with terminally ill patients, and with physicians, ethicists, spouses, relatives, and representatives of those who both support and vigorously oppose the movement, Diane Rehm gives voice to a broad range of people who are personally linked to the realities of medical aid in dying.

Here, she presents the fervent arguments—both for and against—that are propelling the current debates across the nation about whether to adopt laws allowing those who are dying to put an end to their suffering. With characteristic evenhandedness, Rehm skillfully shows both sides of the argument, providing the full context for this highly divisive issue. When My Time Comes is a response to many misconceptions and misrepresentations of end-of-life care; it is a call to action—and to conscience—and it is an attempt to heal and soothe, reminding us that death, too, is an integral part of life.

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