Where can you find your groove? Try going “one-E–AND-A, two-E–AND-A,” and so on… until you’ve got it!

Darol Anger, Joe Walsh, Courtney Hartman, Lukas Pool, and Sharon Gilchrist join forces in a rare and special convening of a multi-generational summit meeting of like-minded musical groovers. It’s a, One-Time-Only By Popular Request, fortuitous conclave of the Boston string music world. Playing stuff you’d want to hear around the weekend breakfast table, late at night, or on a pleasant drive, we rounded up some of Darol & Joe’s originals, a couple of ragin’ Fiddle Tunes Of The Moment, and some Requia for folks we love who’ve left us. The thing about the American string music world is that most fans also play music themselves, therefore the “audience” is not much different from the “pros.” Each sector drives the other, so this is for everybody.

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