A Panel Discussion on Body Diversity and Self-Image

Seacoast Wellness Series presents: Every Body: A Panel Discussion on Body Diversity and Self-Image

Whether you’re interested in health and mindset, representation in wellness, or you’re a business owner looking to create an inclusive space— everyone is welcome. This conversation will explore a variety of topics including body culture, strategies for improving self-esteem and confidence, and why health is not synonymous with our physical appearance. Panelists will discuss practical steps to improve self-talk and body image, the intersection of wellness and social change, how to speak with children about body image, what the industry could do better to uplift bodies of all shapes and sizes, and more!


Rachel Otis: Somatic Therapist, Activist, & Writer who works directly with the mind-body connection and provides healing pathways of somatically-oriented coping tools and resources

Sada Reed: Family Dynamics Coach working daily to create inclusive avenues in yoga, the school system and public spaces to ensure everyone has the same opportunities to enjoy life

Lisa Du Breuil: Clinical Social Worker & Fat Activist who helps people live peacefully in their bodies by improving self-care skills and teaching how to navigate our challenging body culture

Kristin Marquis: Creator of Spina-Beautiful, a platform where people living with Spina Bifida can share their stories

Moderated by Bridget Shannon, Co Founder of Seacoast Wellness Series and Wellness Lately.

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