Nationally renowned folk-pop-americana musician Geneviève Racette has captivated listeners with her gentle, yet compelling, emotional resonance, and garnered impressive industry support for her folk-pop tracks ever since her first EP in 2014. Through her vulnerable lyricism and ethereal vocals, Geneviève has emerged as a rising star in both French and English-speaking Canadian music scenes.

Satellite, Geneviève’s third full-length record (March 2022), is a 9-song collection delivering honest stories of self-discovery and reflection through the cycle of love. The album, filled with intimate vocals, lush instruments and expressive harmonies, evokes moments of love, heartbreak, healing, forgiveness and ultimately falling in love again. Like a body orbiting a star in the silence and emptiness of the universe, a satellite depends on the other to maintain its orbit, a fragile, solitary and uncertain love. Each of us will find ourselves in this cycle of love, in this eternal period of beginnings and endings.

The recognition Satellite received upon its release has been even greater than Geneviève has experienced in the past. With glowing critique from major outlets, including Rolling Stone, Exclaim!, CBC, Women of Americana, Americana Music Association, Sirius XM, and countless other publications and radio stations, this has undoubtedly been her most successful release to date.

The trajectory for Racette’s career has been on a tremendous incline since her previous album, No Water, No Flowers, which catapulted Geneviève from Quebec recognition to national praise, including a Canadian Folk Music Award, performing on stage with City and Colour at Osheaga, rave reviews from media, music publications and blogs, and tracking on multiple radio stations right across Canada. Geneviève approached the release of her music with a newfound creative state of mind and a vision to export her music across North America and beyond. The singer-songwriter has headlined over 100 venues, festivals, and house concerts throughout the US and Canada.

Her next album, Golden, scheduled for release on October 18th, 2024, was partly written in Nashville and presents themes of sobriety, friendship breakups, anxiety and cultivating a love relationship with oneself. Her song “Same Old Me” received praise from Tom Paxton, recipient of a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, for her songwriting skills. Surrounded by her all-female band Judith Little (backing vocals and percussion) and Éléonore Pitre (electric and acoustic guitar), Geneviève invites you to dive into her folk-pop-americana universe with her touching, expressive, and catchy songs.

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