Step into the vibrant world of Heartspur, a groundbreaking classical quartet concert series designed to captivate and inspire audiences through an exhilarating fusion of eclectic performances, contemporary programming, and innovative visual design. We throw away the stuffiness of traditional classical music and invite you to experience it in a way that is both dynamic and unforgettable. Feel a part of the music, as we bring you on a journey that encompasses the greatest classics reimagined, to the hottest hits of contemporary composers. Whether you’re a seasoned classical music enthusiast or new to the genre, you’ll find something to love in our vibrant and eclectic performances! 

“Voodoo Dolls” – Jessie Montgomery
Jessie Montgomery is a Grammy-winning and universally acclaimed American composer. “Voodoo Dolls” is a bangin’ hit that will have you gripping your seat from start to finish. Influenced by west African drumming patterns and lyrical chant motives, the piece highlights improvisation within the ensemble.

Selections from Last Leaf – Danish String Quartet
The Danish String Quartet (DSQ) has been taking classical music by storm with their fusion of folk and traditional standards. This set of masterful arrangements is a poignant and exciting journey through Scandinavian folk music that will leave you tapping your feet even as you shed a tear.

“String Quartet in G Major, Op. 77 No. 1” – Joseph Haydn
One of Haydn’s latest and greatest quartets, “77/1” is possibly the liveliest quartet he ever penned. Featuring a rare Presto Minuet, and a lively Finale this quartet is a whirlwind of jaunty lines and cheeky jokes that surround one of the most gorgeous slow movements ever written.


Emma Powell and Ryan Shannon, Violin
Charlotte Malin, Viola
Jacques Wood, Cello

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