Sounds that are gleaned from inspiration ultimately create a sound that inspires others. It’s a continuum that’s at the core of great music, music that exists for the ages and not merely within transitory circumstance. Indeed, Boston-based singer-songwriter Liz Frame knows this all too well. She was weaned on the music of her parents’ generation, absorbing the influence of their heartland heroes—immortal and iconic artists like Jimmie Rogers, The Weavers, B.B. King, and Elvis Presley, to name but a few. Not surprisingly, her music of choice was honest, unbridled Americana, a sound that continues to represent the disparate styles that captured her imagination so early on.

Backed by her band, The Kickers—John Webb on lead guitars, Sean Hennessy on bass, and Pete Whitehead on drums—Frame continues to write and perform with seemingly nonstop energy and enthusiasm. Sooner, her full-length debut, appeared in 2011 and featured a stellar line-up consisting of some of New England’s finest sessions players, among them Duke Levine, Kevin Barry, and Bobby Keyes. Frame’s follow-up, the Justine EP, was released three years later and confirmed the savvy and intellect so evident the first time around. Moreover, it affirmed the fact that Frame is a fine frontwoman, a singer who possesses not only a cool confidence, but also an ideal blend of soul, sophistication, and sensuality.

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