Come celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Opera Connection!  

On Tuesday, September 26 at 7pm at the Music Hall Lounge, Dennis Neil Kleinman will host a celebration of the first 10 years of the Opera Connection.  He’ll do his usual deep dive into the operas that will be featured in the Met in HD series this year and the best ways to view them.  He’ll talk about the new and exciting changes coming to the Opera Connection and to opera at the Music Hall in general.  And he will share some of his favorite opera anecdotes and answer any questions you might have about opera – or life in general – to the best of his ability.

The event will last around 90 minutes.  Light fare will be served at no charge.  Cash bar will also be available.

Join the celebration!  Make the Connection!  

About Opera Connection

Whether you are a seasoned opera buff or someone who has always wondered, “What’s the fuss?,” “What’s a libretto?,” or maybe even “Why the funny hats?” The Opera Connection will give you something to sing about. Hosted by cultural historian/composer Dennis Neil Kleinman, the Opera Connection will present lively, engaging, jargon-free discussions  this season, the perfect way to enhance and enrich your enjoyment of these magnificent works. So if you don’t get opera, or if you want to get it on a whole new level…Get Connected!

About Our Moderator

Dennis Neil Kleinman is a writer/producer whose work has appeared on The Disney Channel, Showtime, and The History Channel. Kids know Dennis best for writing the theme song for the multi-Emmy Award-winning PBS series Reading Rainbow.