In March 2023, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals announced their long-awaited return. Adams has put together an all-star line-up who will hit the road: Adams, Brad Pemberton, Chris Stills, Daniel Clarke, and Don Was.

As one of the most influential and beloved Americana artists of the 21st century, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals have captivated audiences since their formation in 2004. The band’s influence can be heard in the music of countless artists, from Wilco to The Avett Brothers.

The group earned the admiration of critics and fans alike, and their legacy as one of the most influential Americana bands of the 21st century is more than secure. Led by the enigmatic Ryan Adams, the band has been hailed as one of the most innovative and dynamic acts to emerge from the Americana scene. 

In 2004, Adams formed the infamous Ryan Adams & The Cardinals with lead guitarist Neal Casal, bassist Chris Feinstein, and drummer Brad Pemberton. The band quickly made a name for themselves, releasing their critically acclaimed debut album, Cold Roses, in 2005. The album featured a mix of folk, country, and rock and was praised for its raw, stripped-down sound. The collective released a steady stream of albums, including Jacksonville City Nights (2005), Easy Tiger (2007), and Cardinology (2008). Each album showcased the band’s unique blend of Americana, folk, and rock, while Adams’ songwriting continued to evolve and mature.

In 2010, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals disbanded, and Adams returned to his solo career. Until this summer!

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