UK-Ireland • d: Sebastián Lelio • 1h 48m • Courtesy of Netflix

In famine-ravaged Ireland, Lib (Florence Pugh), a young English nurse, is hired to uncover the mystery of a peasant girl named Anna (Kíla Lord Cassidy), who miraculously seems to survive without eating. Director Sebastián Lelio (Gloria, A Fantastic Woman) crafts a riveting Gothic suspense-thriller of often-shocking emotional power and complexity, questioning the reliability of faith, both religious and scientific. The superlative script by Lelio, Alice Birch, and Emma Donoghue (adapted from Donoghue’s novel) turns starvation into a focal point where powerful religious devotion, sexual guilt, and sheer survival intersect, with suggestive echoes of Hawthorne, James, and the Brontës, and aided by Ari Wegner’s lustrous Dutch master-style cinematography. Pugh and the supporting cast (Tom Burke, Toby Jones, and Elaine Cassidy) bring powerful performances, and Kíla Lord Cassidy is a true wonder as the enigmatic Anna.

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